There’s probably one thing you can do today to make your day instantly better (no, it’s not eating Oreos, although probably that, too…):

Slow down.

No, that doesn’t mean watching Netflix or having a catch-up over coffee. It’s not putting your feet up and reading the latest Cute Dogs Monthly (please tell me that’s a thing).

We go for a walk in the woods but make so much damn noise, chat about work dramas, take so many unnecessary photographs we’ll probably never look at again. Instead, can we go for a walk and simply be there? Stare at the clouds. Listen to the birds. See the wood for the trees…

Here’s my personal mission right now and one I encourage you to adopt, too: to give my brain time without stimulation every day. To let it breathe for a second.

Join me and try it for a few days?

Obviously, online yoga or meditation with TYR is a pretty good way in, and you can take our quiz – What Kind Of Yoga Rockstar Are You – to get a free class to practice with me whenever you want.

Just remember: it doesn’t have to be complicated or a big deal. Sitting quietly in your garden with a (non-stimulating) brew, staring out the window for a while, going on a walk and not counting steps / miles / heart rate (and maybe leaving your phone at home, too), or maybe just an at-home restorative yoga class from your living room.

We all know we’re more stressed out these days. We’re busier, quicker, way more stimulated than ever before. But if our ancestors from 100 years ago could feel, really feel what it’s like for us even in our regular down-time – Netflix, online browsing, magazines, computer games – they probably wouldn’t be able to cope, yet here we are, soldiering on. 

We need to make a change for ourselves, our health, and the people and planet around us. Slowing down a bit will make the world a better place. And it’s way easier than eating bloody kale.

Let me know how it goes. I promise you’ll feel a bit better.

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Chloe - TYR Founder & Joyful Living Coach

POSTED: 03/08/2021

Chloe is a yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, and joyful living coach, and she thinks the meaning of life is probably to be as happy as possible.

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