Add 24/7 yoga & wellness to your employee perks

We’re not about helping you secure employee benefits that only look good on job adverts. We’re about making real changes to the way your team deals with stress, change, and workload. We’re about providing your employees the tools they need for good mental, physical, and emotional health, whenever they need it.

This is the future of employee wellness.

Maybe your team work remotely, or on flexible hours. Maybe there’s a boat-load of work and pressure. Maybe you’d like to see a holistic tool individuals can use whenever they need some self-care.

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Give your team the tools they need for success

Partner with us and we’ll provide a yoga, mindfulness, and meditation membership and community for your team featuring:

  • A full timetable of live classes including monthly party classes and a weekly class specific to your business
  • Over 200 on-demand classes
  • A collection of 10+ courses, bundles, and series to help start a yoga or meditation habit, to find calm, to get stronger
  • A thriving community of easy-going yogis to help motivate and encourage
  • A points system for those with a competitive edge; your team get points for every time they show up to class
  • Full support

Why The Yoga Revolution’s corporate memberships?

Give your team 24hr access to the tools they need, when they need them.

An employee-happiness partner. We know your team need to work on their mental health, their physical health, and the way they take care of themselves. Let us help them get there, with our daily sessions to get them motivated, your exclusive weekly live classes, our community to keep them accountable, and our entire ethos which will remind them that THIS is the most important thing (then we watch how this upward spiral makes them even better at their job).
Full membership access. That’s weekly live classes, monthly party classes, over 200 on-demand classes and growing, a suite of courses and challenges and all of our member perks. It’s 24/7 access to yoga, mindfulness, and meditation whenever it’s needed.
Easy management. One login to control full team access. This way, new hires can be added and ex employees removed via a single link.

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