I’m Chloe

I’m Chloe

I’m a Yorkshire girl, podcaster, yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, and coach with big, joyful dreams.

I haven’t always been happy, resilient, and healthy.

I was the kid who hated PE at school. Always, as Bridget Jones said (inaccurately, might I add), a little bit fat. For too long I was disconnected from my body, unfit, and stuck in toxic mindsets, relationships, and patterns.

After I graduated with a BSc in Marine Geography when I was 21, I decided to become a qualified yoga teacher. Too many classes I went to failed to fill my cup; I wanted to teach a better way.

That simple decision led me to a wealth of experience in living better and finding joy every day. And I’m here to help you find it, too.

eating chocolate somewhere, dreaming of ways we can all live more alive, connected, inspired lives (without going to 10-day silent retreats).

What lights me up is women who love the shit out of themselves, each other, and who live passionately and joyfully. Women who set healthy boundaries, say no more often, and put their wellness first.

In case you’re new around here, I can’t wait to show you all these ways you can go from uninspired to living with amazing clarity; from putting too much pressure on yourself, constantly people-pleasing and overachieving, to relaxed, in-control, balanced, and free.

I work with…

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Forget big, challenging, uninspired habits, and say hello to the warm-and-fuzzies every day.

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