The Yoga Revolution Has Landed

The Yoga Revolution Has Landed

Welcome to the joyful yoga journey you didn’t know you needed.

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Updated: November 2023


Hey you,

TYR founder Chloe here, and I just want to say: I get it. Juggling all the things in your life, finding a movement and self-care practice that you love and that works, staying sane and happy, it can all be really hard.

Really hard.

You compare yourself to people on Instagram. You think you’re getting older and creakier. You worry about your mental health. About being able to go on adventures without getting stuck or falling ill, or simply falling behind.

Is this just what getting old is like? Am I even happy?

You’re probably sleeping terribly, worried about your hip / back / knee issue, and feeling guilty because, despite all the wellness stuff you’ve listened to and read along the way, you don’t ‘do enough’, you’re not sure exactly what to do, and it’s all a bit overwhelming.

On top of all that, you’re supposed to be a good parent / partner / friend AND be productive at work.

Should you go be more regular at the gym? Start meditating everyday? Join a cult? Go on a retreat? Eat more kale?

It’s overwhelming. It’s a struggle to know which blog post, email, Woman’s Health tip, or fitness influencer’s guidance to listen to.

And even when you finally do get into a routine of movement and mindfulness, it’s really not that much fun. Results are few and far between, and it’s just plain unsustainable.

But I’m here, my friend, to help you find the key to your joyful existence and make wonderful, sparkly changes in your life.

And I’ve got good news for you:

This is what I do day in, day out, inside The Yoga Revolution. It’s about a consistent, life-affirming, empowering practice that sprinkles connection, good humour, acceptance, and total heart-warming joy into your everyday.

That takes you on a journey you never thought you needed.

A practice—of movement and mind—that helps you find yourself living the best damn days of your life. A happier, more fulfilling life where you’re not worried about getting old and incapable, whether you’re doing it right, or how you compare to people on Instagram.

Happier. More grounded. More optimistic. Empowered.

With a community that supports you, and a teacher to guide you when you need it the most.

You’re balanced, you’re calm, you’re fit, and physically capable. Ultimately, you beautiful thing, you: you’re happy.

And you can deal with that screaming kid in the confectionary aisle / with that guy who cut you up on the ring road / with that email you *really* didn’t want to receive like never before.

*cue angels singing*

How To Join The Revolution

For everyday


Instant access to on-demand classes, courses, and series, our live practice sessions and masterclasses. And yes we guarantee you’ll love us and we’ll high five you often *wink*.

From the beginning


Start this on-demand and fully-supported 6-week beginner’s course and get access for life. This is about getting fast results and a lifetime of knowledge for balance *always*.

For your business


Gone are the days of a single yoga class once a week. This is about 24/7 access to our full suite of wellness tools, plus a custom weekly class for the team. Someone put the kettle on.

Feel More Capable And Motivated Than Ever

Feel More Capable And Motivated Than Ever

Skip the irregular practice and unsustainable challenges. Instead, find a yoga practice that’ll make you feel younger, more confident, with more joy and support than you’ve ever had before. This is you, just happier.

Yogis Supported:


We let our numbers do the talking. Over 1500 yogis have been supported by TYR’s classes and courses and counting.

Hours practiced this year:


Every year, over 1000 hours worth of classes are watched. That’s nearly 50 days of continuous yoga. Sheesh.

Handstands nailed:


It might even be lower, we don’t really care. While we give folks who want ’em plenty of opportunities to handstand, it’s how you’re feeling that matters.

Best Online Yoga & Meditation Classes Provider 2022
Best Online Yoga & Wellness Platform 2023 – UK

The Antidote To Feeling Old, Stuck, & Overwhelmed

The Antidote To Feeling Old, Stuck, & Overwhelmed

There are more yoga teachers out there than you can shake a stick at. Most of them are all bark not bite. All mala beads, no substance. ‘Cause anyone can teach a yoga class, but not everyone can take you on a journey, give you that wide-eyed ‘omg this is amazing’ vibe, and positively impact your every day.

No More Falling Off The Wagon

No More Falling Off The Wagon

Most folks starting their wellness journey hope for the best with disconnected YouTube classes, a weekly in-person session with slow results, or by signing up to an intimidating and off-putting big-brand platform.

We call this The Yoga Wasteland.

We’ve spent over 15 years and all the blood, sweat, and tears perfecting a better practice. In other words, this isn’t our first rodeo. And our goal for you is to make your life brighter, your body more capable, and you left feeling more confident than ever.

Sustainably, joyfully, and with the support you need.

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