Welcome To The Yoga Revolution

Welcome To The Yoga Revolution

Movement, mindfulness, and philosophy for a more joyful life.

Become the happiest person you know

Your life is happening right here and now. It’s time to learn the tools and mindset that make it as bright as it can be.

Hey, I’m Chloe. Founder of The Yoga Revolution, mindfulness guide, joyful living coach, and pastry fan. And I think life can and should be easier and more sparkly than we give it credit for.

And that’s my mission: to help you live a more joyful life. I use different tools—physical yoga just being one of them—to help you find more happiness, uncover your blockages, work through them, and come out the other side feeling like the goddess you are.

Joyful living can be easier

I get it: Juggling all the things in your life, finding a movement and self-care practice that you love and that works, staying sane and happy, living your best life—it can all be really hard. Especially when we compare ourselves to everyone else on social media. Or when Instagram makes us think we need to do crazy yoga poses to be worth anything.

Maybe you’re sleeping terribly, you’re worried about your hip / back / knee issue, you’re cranky and stressed-out and feeling guilty. Despite all the wellness stuff you’ve listened to and read along the way, you feel like you don’t ‘do enough’, it doesn’t seem to work for you like it does for everyone else, and it’s all a bit overwhelming.

I’m here to help you find the keys to your joyful existence and make wonderful, sparkly changes in your life.

Joyful living starts here.

Work with me


Get instant access to my on-demand yoga and wellness membership, The Yoga Revolution. You’ll find nourishing and empowering classes and courses, live practice sessions and more. This is goodness that’ll permeate your every day (or your money back!).


Ready to supercharge your positive change? Let’s work together to uncover your blocks, build your resilience, and unlock the pathway to a happier you. This is the work that can change your life, and I’m here every step of the way. Book a free zero obligation call, and let’s see if we’d be a good fit.

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