Join our gratitude challenge for January 2024 and start your year with joy.

Whether you’re grumpy, in pain, or all of the above, these classes are made for you.

This is a collection of Chloe’s classes to make TYR more accessible. Whether you’re injured or need to practice from seated for any other reason, these classes are designed to help you find the sparkle Chloe’s classes are known for. Please remember: your modifications to all of these classes are welcome and encouraged. Skip poses, change poses, add in poses… this is your practice, no one else’s. If you need further support on this, please email or post in…

This is a 14-day schedule focused on one thing only: improving your sleep. Practice these sessions before bed for better, deeper, and more restful sleep. And when you master your sleep, life just gets easier.

Welcome to yoga theory. This is the collection of Chloe’s conversations around our lives and yoga within it. Expect chats about meditation, focus, strength and flexibility, practicing with injuries, and everything else. Need the inspiration to get on your mat? To dive deeper into this magical practice? Tune in. These live chats happen in the Facebook group on Mondays at 8:30am.

Welcome to your Ascent yoga challenge! We’ve pulled together some of our favourite library classes (of all durations and for all levels) for this challenge to help you build on your practice, get stronger, and practice for longer. Week one starts out fairly mellow, with shorter classes and less heat, and you’ll find yourself building on that (the ascent!) as the challenge progresses. Take these sessions in order, choose them randomly depending on how you feel, or skip an on-demand…

This is where damn good days begin. This bundle of classes features all of Chloe’s Start Me Up sessions – those filmed at 7am. They’re all different in intensity or focus, but all of them have one thing in common: making sure your day gets off to the best start possible. Here’s to a damn good day.

Welcome, ! Here’s where to start to make the most of your brand new membership. We’re so glad you’re here 🥳

This 14-day schedule is about you finding your flow, increasing strength, and feeling damn good. Join this plan and you’ll find yourself practicing with hour-long sessions, shorter flow sessions, with some challenges thrown in for good measure. Go, practice, and enjoy these two weeks!

This 14-day schedule is about helping you slow the heck down. Over the two weeks of this plan, you’ll find meditations, restorative sessions, and yoga nidras to help you unwind, release tension, and find more softness in your everyday. Here’s to the slow vibes.

Welcome to this 14-day schedule to help you squeeze your practice in, even if you’ve got very little time. This schedule features our shorter classes – some yoga, some meditation – that will give you an all-round feel-better experience no matter what time you’ve got to play with.

This bundle of sessions is about unlocking tight hips. Short classes, longer classes, info sessions – go here to find the space you need.