Yoga For Divers

A 7-Day Program

Your best dives are yet to come

This 7-day course, created alongside Miss Scuba International, has been designed for divers. You’ll work on breath, mobility, strength, balance, and rest to help improve your core vitals. Your best dives are yet to come; use these sessions to unlock them.

Improve Breathing

Each session incorporates breathwork—practices that will improve breath consumption and increase your dive times.

Get Stronger

Improve your core strength and leg strength in strengthening sessions—vital for better finning, coordination, and balance.

Increase Focus

You’ll work on meditation and relaxation techniques to help you focus, release stress, improve concentration, and remain calm.

Start The Course For Free

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Meet Your Guide

Introducing: Chloe Markham. Founder of The Yoga Revolution, yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, joyful living coach, and ocean-lover.

This course has been created alongside and for Miss Scuba International 2024, Hayley Adlam. Hayley needed something to keep her and her fellow divers fit for dive upon dive—she needed to be on-form—and the sessions inside this course is what got her there.