It’s been too hot again. You felt it, friend? One day, as it goes in the UK, I was wearing a big, heavy woollen coat, the next, flip flops and linen trousers while fanning myself frantically to avoid bursting into flames.

Maybe it’s a redhead thing, maybe I’m just not cut out for warm weather, but I’m already excited for autumn (sorry). Either way, and what I’m getting at here, is that spring has officially landed in the northern hemisphere. It’s a reminder to shake off the layers of winter, both physically and mentally, and give ourselves a moment to get clarity on habits, focus on wellbeing, and scrub ourselves bright and shiny again. (Because of the long-living nature of blog posts, it might not be spring where you are as you read this, and that’s alright; self-care and renewal can happen for you happily at any time of year.)

But what does this springtime (or anytime) self-care ritual look like? How do we do it? It’s easier than you think, my friend. Here are four ways you can start this process today:

1. Habits

I encourage you to take stock of all your regular habits, the good ones, the bad ones, and see what makes you feel most alive. Don’t get me wrong, watching Married At First Sight with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s every Friday night isn’t necessarily a bad thing; life is for living, my friend, and sometime ‘living’ means carbs and entertainment. But I really want you to put on your self-care sunnies and see all these habits through that lens. What do you need more of? Less of? What would bring you more balance?

My hot tip for changing up your self-care routines is to start a habit of rest. Get some good headphones, find a comfy spot to lie down in where you won’t be disturbed, and press play on my YouTube yoga nidra three times (or more) this week to see some wild benefits.

2. Mindfulness

And specifically, I’m talking about the nature kind. It’s springtime here, so this is an easy one; get outside and see things coming back to life. Whether you like it or not, we have an intrinsic link to our natural world, and I mean energetically, too. Seeing hedgerows and meadows and fields coming alive again—even a window-box or that tree at the end of your road—it makes us feel more alive, too (not to mention the added vitamin-D of all this extra sunshine).

Mindfulness can be practiced in so many different ways, and I also recommend learning to meditate and listen. Member? Try my Garden Meditation to hear the birds and feel the energy of sitting still and being present in it all. It’s pretty magical.

3. Journal

What does self-care mean for you? Renewal? Wellness? Contrary to what social media probably tells you, this stuff is highly personal. I have a daily meditation and movement habit (which I hugely recommend, join me here), but maybe yours is a walk and a book, or something else entirely. I recommend grabbing a journal and free-writing (writing for a set time, I suggest 10-15 minutes, without stopping, even if you don’t know what to write) about a theme, or answering a question. There’s no right or wrong here, this is a brilliant way to get clarity, focus, and to release some tension you didn’t even know you had.

Pro tip: start a tiny journalling habit every morning and evening to see these benefits start to compound. Grab my Joy Journal on Amazon to get started with this habit (it’s the exact method I’ve used to help me heal from toxic relationships).

4. Start a challenge

Getting support when you’re beginning a new self-care journey is vital. Trust me; I’ve done the whole try-free-YouTube-videos to kickstart a month of workouts and dropped off the edge of a cliff in just a few days. Begin something within a community that can champion you and keep you accountable. If you’re looking for a new meditation or yoga habit, join my membership to get access to and support with The 30-Day Meditation Challenge, or The Essential Yoga Re-Start (& Feel Your Best) Course, or even The 14-Day Better Sleep Series (or one of the countless others).

Or maybe you want to start a new hobby, go to a new class (my music lessons give me life!), or even just set a new daily walking goal. Pick something, and start it. It can mean the difference between feeling flat, tired, uninspired, and like you’re not good enough (been there), and feeling vibrant, alive, and joyful again. And what else is there?

Whatever your wellness project, good luck, stay strong (even when you miss a day or mess up), and know that you’re absolutely, categorically, and fundamentally worth it.

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Chloe - TYR Founder & Joyful Living Coach

POSTED: 14/05/2024

Chloe is a yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, and joyful living coach, and she thinks the meaning of life is probably to be as happy as possible.

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